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Coming SOON     April  7th-9th
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Somerset, NJ      Cultural  Center
Location:        New Jersey,  Somerset
Start Date:    Saturday April 7th, 2018
End Date:       Monday April 9th, 2018
Time:                9:00am - 6:00pm for all 3 Days

Open to the Public ~ No Experience Necessary.
$149 Limited Seating.   Reserve Tickets Today.
24 CE Hours      Massage NCBTMB # 45032707
State Board Approved:   New Jersey,  Connecticut,  Pennsylvania,  Deleware, New Hampshire,  Maryland, Virginia  and most others.
Saturday ~ empowerMENT
Day 1
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
  • Intro:    History of Qigong-Chinese Medicine
  • Empty Force:   Postures for Magnetic Healing Qi. Favorite style of Qigong to share for 1st practice.
  • Breath Empowerment:   Profound Vibrations that  Oxygenate Body to Core Giving Euphoric Feeling.
  • Food-Healing:   Cause of Disease & Free Radicals Foods for Cancer,  Heart Disease,  Diabetes etc.
  • Qigong Level-1 Healing Form:   Routine we've certified over 3000 teachers in and usually what people practice most after Qi Revolution is over.

Sunday ~ activation
Day 2
9 AM - 6:30 PM with 1 HR Lunch Break
  • Food Healing:   Smoothies and RED Pepper Paste
  • Qigong Level-1 Healing Form:   Advanced review. Posture Alignments for fingers, shoulders & spine.
  • Qigong Level-2 Healing Form:   This Routine Uses Wider Stance and Connects Qi on Spiritual Level.
  • 9-Breath Method:  Our Most Powerful Breathing Waterfall of Energy Dissolves Stress of Daily Life. Raise Kundalini Up Spine and Exhale One Minute. 
  • 9-Breath Healing Circle:    Beyond Electricity.  Sending Prayers & Powerful Qi to those in need.

Day 3
9 AM - 6 PM with 1 Hr Lunch Break
  • Qigong Strength Training:   Fitness without Injury
  • Wuji Level-3 Freestyle Form:   Our Deepest Level Spine & Foot Alignment,  7 Wuji-Style Movements
  • Tui Na and Qi Transmission :   Sending Qi Using Sword Finger Acupressure & Fascia Stimulation. 
  • Foot Reflexology:   Using  Pulsing Massage we Relieve Pain and Activate Higher Organ Function. 
  • Mastering Five Elements:   Human Behavior is Explained.  Examine Our Strong/Weak Elements.  Finale  9-Breath Meditation for Vital Organs. 

  Rick Agel, MD  Surgeon 
Atlanta, Georgia
“I have 30 years experience in Tai Chi...
And never felt energy this strong! 

Qi Revolution teaches breathing exercises 
I became certified in their program."
"In 17 years as a Massage Therapist... 
this is the most powerful CE class of my life!"
- Julia Anderson, LMT  Port Angeles, WA 
Qi Revolution includes priceless Food-Healing wisdom you will use immediately... 
At every Qi Revolution we explain healing properties of Phytochemicals in top foods of importance.   Some foods, like Kiwi, open the lungs and have reversed asthma in 100's of attendees we've seen since teaching Food-based healing at Qi Revolution starting back in 2005.  Since then, our protocols have been shared with 50,000+ Qi Revolution attendees. 
We learned from REAL PEOPLE what FOOD PROTOCOLS give live-saving results for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and we share this wisdom.  
We make FRESH Pepper Paste at every 
Qi Revolution event and give samples. 

Taste and learn how to use Top Antioxidant
Highest Carotenoid Food - Sweet Peppers!
Somerset, NJ      Cultural  Center
Location:        New Jersey,  Somerset
Start Date:    Saturday April 7th, 2018
End Date:       Monday April 9th, 2018
Time:                9:00am - 6:00pm for all 3 Days

Open to the Public ~ No Experience Necessary.
$149 Limited Seating.   Reserve Tickets Today.
24 CE Hours      Massage NCBTMB # 45032707
State Board Approved:    New Jersey,  Connecticut,  Pennsylvania,
Deleware, New Hampshire,  Maryland, Virginia  and most others.
"I Was Stressed OUT!"
"My stress has gone down dramatically since I attended Qi Revolution and learned Qigong.  Doing the 9 Breath Method gave me a new understanding of what breathing exercises can accomplish. The vibrational energy was intense.  It confirmed that there is much for me to learn...  

I've studied with Jeff Primack at his advanced trainings and was certified to share Qigong and Food Healing teachings."
 Perrin Clark, M.D.   Top Florida Surgeon 
Double Board Certified Head & Neck 
Letter from 
Department of Veterans Affairs
Todd Nichols was certified by Supreme Science Qigong Center 10 years ago.
Since then, he's shared it with 1000's of U.S. Veterans and Drug Rehab Patients.  
Todd Nichols, Supreme Science Qigong Instructor 
Practicing the Nine-Breath Method 
"Qigong connects people to Spirit and natural state.  Healing of physical maladies is possible when blood flow 
is restored though Breath, Qi and Posture Alignment."
 Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack 
Founder,  Qi Revolution Conference    
Expand Your Magnetic Field (Qi) with gentle postures.
Routines are powerful and stimulate healing process.

TOP 7 REASONS to Attend Qi Revolution
#1) Learn about Foods that destroy health and which foods help reverse specific diseases.
#2) Learn Breathing Techniques that dissolves stress and negativity with powerful energy.
#3) Learn 3 Levels of Qigong Healing to improve blood circulation, digestion & metabolism.
#4) Learn Qi Meditations that clear your mind and improve your ability to focus naturally.
#5) Learn Qi Reflexology and Tui Na Massage techniques for reducing pain and fast healing.
#6) Learn 5-Element Psychology to understand yourself and help improve your relationships.
#7) Connect with like-minded people as you learn new skills good for you and for the planet.
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Why Learn Qigong From Us?
We've trained 3,000+ Qigong Instructors in the USA. 
Because Our Qigong is Powerful and Fun to Do.
Qi Revolution 3-day live event
1 Ticket to SOMERSET, NJ   
April 7th-9th, 2018
LIVE Qi Revolution Event   
    Qi Revolution 3-day live event
    2 Tickets to SOMERSET, NJ   (save $50 bring a friend)
    April 7th-9th, 2018
    LIVE Qi Revolution Event   
      Claudia Gabriel, MD  
      Ivy League Doctor   Salem, NH
      "I learned more about FOOD-HEALING in 4 hours at Qi Revolution than my entire time in Medical School.   Highest possible recommendation for everyone to attend!"
      Upgrade Your Life in a 3-Day LIVE Event You Won't Want To Miss...
      Learn techniques to help you improve your health, accelerate healing and eliminate pain that you can practice daily!
      Oprah Winfrey’s beloved Dr. Oz said on international television,
      “If you want to live to 100…do Qigong.”

      He also said, “Qigong is the best longevity exercise”.

      There are hundreds of scientific studies showing how Qigong has helped people reverse cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

      These studies are good scientific references:
      *Health benefits of Qigong. Am J Health Prom. 2010; 24, 6
      *Qigong therapy for cancer. Integr Cancer Ther. 2002; 1, 4
      *Qigong for cancer patients. Am J Chin Med. 2008; 36, 3
      *Qigong for osteoarthritis. Clin Rheumatol. 2008; 27, 12
      Dr. OZ Teaching Qigong to His Audience      (800)-298-8970